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Offering books for Education, Art, and Humor

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Firehouse Publishing specializes in education books, figurative fine art titles, and dabble in other areas that interest our editors.


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Art at the Heart: Exploring Core Content Through Art
Includes lessons that specifically connect to Math, Science, History, Literature, English, Social Studies, and Geography. Full Color:

Full Color Edition Link 
Economy Edition Link
Kindle Link

Soon on i-Tunes & Nook

Art Assessments: 150 pages of rubrics, tests, quizzes, writing, samples, and more. Read the full description here:

Artistry: Dynamic Activities to Develop Artistic Thinking & Appreciation. Click title to buy.

This book was created in coordination with Nathan Levy Books. Check out all their titles HERE (link)

The Elementary Art Workbook

2+ years worth of 2D and 3D lesson ideas, vocab., worksheets, quizes...
Teacher Edition Here
Student Edition Here

The Emotional Color Wheel

Kids learn to use color and shape with emotional impact and even how to make abstract artworks!
Elementary Edition Here
High School Edition Here

Firehouse Publishing works with school districts for bulk purchases at special unpublished discounts based on volume. Please use the "CONTACT US" link to the left.

Online Inventing:

The User’s Guide to Online Inventing:
Navigating, Edison Nation, and Invention Websites. 

Humorous Titles

A silly romp through the world of origami rocks, napkins, mountains, and poop.


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Education Titles

General Education:

The Art of Teaching: What they didn't tell you in college.

Skills for improving memory and recall for all subjects. Students learn 3 major techniques for memorizing lists of information to recall for a test or exam.

Art Education:

An ORIGINAL Origami Story about a child's adventure with pirates, a monster, and treasure with a magical surprise  ending.

300 Art Quotes
A writing and reflection journal for students. Best for grades 6 through 12.

365 Art Quotes
Our PG-13 version of the above, for college and professional artists. Not meant for younger students.

The Nearly Empty Coloring Book
A consolidation of Sketchbook 101 & 102 with the classroom in mind. Cut the binding and give pages to kids who finish work far too early. Real sanity saver!

Over 100 ideas of what to sketch when you get in a bind. Many can be turned into lessons on their own. These have been incorporated into the workbooks below. 

Sketchbook 102
More that 100 more ideas!

Combine fine art class with traditional "Core Courses" for lessons that will promote a deeper understanding of all subjects. See description for information. Over 2 years of lesson suggestions included.

Includes much of the above minus lesson ideas but many more pages for notes and sketches.

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